ALCHEMIA – Game Design, Visual Effects, UI/UX

A mobile match-many puzzle game inspired by Tetris and Threes.

Fox and the Little Prince.LLC

Unity (Android)

Tools Used
Unity Particles
Unity UI

After Effects

Google Play

Inspired by match-three games like Dots, Alchemia fused with the combination of Threes and the line-clear of Tetris to create a new game experience. Combine materials of the same level to form higher materials, combine those to form gold, and combine gold to win.

Alchemia was developed by a group of developers under Fox and the Little Prince.LLC with the goal to make a fast paced mobile game experience. We received school funding for the development and the launching of the game and the founding of our company. To date, Alchemia received a 4.8-star rating from 19 reviewers with over 400 downloads.

At the initial stage, I researched into different match 3 games and identified what was fun among them. And use the research as an inspiration to create new mechanics. We went through at least a dozen prototypes and settled on a core mechanic that was fun. From there, I developed mock-ups. And implemented UIs and visual effects to juice up the look of the game. As a team lead, I brought in additional help as the game need additional help, scheduled timelines and empower members to get their parts done.

Team Members:

  • Don Xu (Game Design | Visual Design | Unity | Legal | Team Lead)
  • Zach Howell (Programming | Game Design)
  • Justin Patterson (Trailer | Spec)
  • Catherine Hamilton (Music | Sound)