ENTITLED – Creative Direction, UI/UX, Android Development

A location-based murder mystery game that based on places in Philadelphia


Project Type
Half a year Co-op  


Tools Used
Android Studio
Android Location

Entitled is a location-based murder mystery game. The player will visit famous sites in Philadelphia to uncover the truth behind a series of crimes. Using a mobile app, the player will interact with varies characters and gather evidence that points them to the next place to go.

Entitled was developed as my half a year co-op with Philadelphia Game Lab, a local non-profit that developed experimental games. The story concept was designed by award-winning local playwright, Jeremy Gable. Inspired by our conversation to develop an alternative reality game that unfolds through multiple locations and days. The game didn’t reach its alpha stage within the three months of development. It was still one of the most exciting games that I worked on.

I recruited a small team of developers and storytellers to kick-start the project after three months of R&D. And I worked with another Android developer in building the essential functions, like location event triggering, audio & text feedback, location display. In designing the story events, we visited places in Philadelphia and plotted details of a player getting from one point of the story to the next.