Review on Alice E. Marwick’s work

Alice Marwick and danah boyd co researched on micro celebrity phenomenon on social media, so their point of view are pretty similar. Marwick’s gives a bit more in depth with the topic, so her points are also important.

Marwick’s view on Instafame

In her article, “Instafame: Luxury Selfies in the Attention Economy”, Marwick constructed the concept of Instafame as a subset of the micro celebrity phenomenon. Celebrities post in casual ways on Instagram. Since both celebrities and “regular people” have accounts on Instagram, it’s perhaps not surprising that “regular” selfies often emulate celebrity-related media, while celebrity selfies often closely resemble those of the nonfamous.


Marwick’s observations echos boyd’s view on the teens and celebrity culture. Celebrity culture provides role models for teens to follow. When teens see people who they